The Space Between

While death is universal, so too can be the human inclination to avoid thinking and talking about it. Bringing the topics of death and end-of-life care into the national discourse is something the hospice community has championed from the start.

In honor of National Hospice Month, Contemporary Arts Center is pleased to present the documentary film “The Space Between.”

The film’s private benefit screening will take place Friday Nov. 14th at the Inspire Theater downtown Las Vegas. Tickets are currently on sale for $25 and available online. The evening includes access to the screening, a Q&A with the filmmakers and Living Room founder Juli McGowan Boit and a silent auction with reception following the screening. For more information and to secure tickets, visit
Filmmakers Kimberly Nunez-North and Travis North have completed The Space Between documentary, which focuses on the importance of palliative health care in Kenya. The Space Between profiles four guests at the Kimbilio hospice and the work of Juli McGowan Boit, a nurse and HIV volunteer in rural Kenya who was inspired to partner with local leaders to found the Living Room hospice.

“The examination of the relationship between nonfiction filmmaking and social issues is an important dialogue in Contemporary art.” “We’re honored to be presenting this film–and event–here in Las Vegas” says CAC President, Melissa Petersen.

Guests profiled in the documentary include: Maggie, a young mother who is nearing the end of a long battle with cancer and whose thoughts are with her children. Jacob, a teacher who developed four life-threatening bedsores while receiving treatment in an overcrowded hospital. The wounds tunnel so deep they are unable to heal on their own. Barnabas, a grandfather who is dying of throat cancer in a public hospital and suffering due to lack of morphine. His only request is to be able to die at home surrounded by his family. James, a young man who is suffering from HIV and is afraid to start treatment due to social stigmas.

“We started our journey more than three years ago when a mutual friend introduced me to Juli. We met over coffee and talked about her plans for the hospice. I was truly amazed and moved by her work and her mission to provide comfort for those living with life-threatening illnesses and to give everyone – regardless of their economic situation – the ability to die with dignity. I knew that this was a story that I needed to tell, and we are happy to now share it with the world,” stated producer and co-director Kimberly Nunez-North.

****Due to the content explored in this documentary and the Venue, we respectfully request that attendees be 21 and older.

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