The CAC Launches ‘Build the Circle’ Indiegogo Campaign

The CAC needs your help to create a new Member's Gallery and Reading Room



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There are so many exciting new things happening downtown! As the community expands it needs new and collaborative spaces it can fill. Available spaces means events, workshops, and art classes! This is why the CAC is thrilled to announce that it is creating a new member's gallery and reading room at the Arts Factory. And, we need your help!

Spaces are powerful; they shape the people within them. Impromptu meetings and conversations foster creativity. And, the intention with this project is to create a hub for creative people to hang out and collaborate downtown. While also displaying incredible artworks by local Las Vegas artists.

This new space at the CAC will encourage regular coming together amongst the creative and artistic community of Las Vegas. The space will also be educational by giving the CAC room to offer workshops, lectures, and art classes.

It is part of the broader movement that is making Las Vegas a national and international hot spot for art, culture, and community. This is your chance to contribute to the growth of your community!

By making a donation to the CAC's 'Build the Circle ' Indiegogo Campaign, you help to make this project possible! And, to say thank you for helping us, we are offering some one of a kind contribution perks. Check them out, and make a donation here

Thank you!

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