Older & Overwhelmed by Sam Blanchard

Blurring the lines between sculptor and performer, Sam Blanchard creates works that physically exaggerate scenarios of banality into obstacles of monumental proportion. His video installation Run, Run, Rollercoaster (…this used to be easier…) is a wry reflection on how a two-mile lap was once a warm-up for high school cross-country practice, but now a Saturday afternoon run has become a challenge of mental and physical fortitude, with a reminder, every 100 yards or so, that the body is not what it once was.

Currently residing in Blacksburg, VA, Sam Blanchard is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). He holds an MFA from The Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from Ohio University.

130711-CAC-Blanchard-4716-300x206.jpg     2013-07-11-19.09.49-300x192.jpg

2013-07-11-17.57.10-300x195.jpg     2013-07-11-19.27.20-300x199.jpg

2013-07-11-18.16.31-300x186.jpg     2013-07-11-18.15.07-300x197.jpg

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