Nothing Stays Here featuring Erik Beehn

Nothing Stays Here

Erik Beehn

December 6-December 29, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 6 from 6-9 pm

Focusing on the comfort found in the familiarity of the American vernacular, Erik Beehn’s work addresses this through depiction of everyday environments that one may digest on a daily basis, but give little time to stop recognize.  Middle-class environments that are disappearing from our daily landscape are celebrated in his oeuvre.  With his latest project, Nothing Stays Here, Beehn celebrates and embraces the aspects of change within the ever evolving Las Vegas landscape.

In response to the catch phrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, Nothing Stays Here identifies the transient nature of the Las Vegas culture, a culture built from tourism.  Beehn engages the viewer in a conversation with the history of Las Vegas while encouraging individual involvement through a physical interaction with the work.  In an environment such as Las Vegas, a city that has the capabilities to reinvent itself through facades and themes, the only consistencies are in individual memories.  With this installation, Beehn encourages viewer interaction by removing wall elements; each viewer is the last to see that specific state of the work, which allows for an individual experience, with only the first viewer able to see the work in its entirety. Slightly changing with each experience, an investigation begins of the loss and abandonment that happens with such a rapidly changing environment, the stains left in the local fabric. Nothing Stays Here identifies and celebrates the impermanence in Las Vegas culture, and the experiences such environments foster, allowing each viewer to leave the exhibition with a unique experience, and a distinctive relic that is relative to the individual aspect of a single piece to a puzzle.

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