London Biennale in Nevada Documentation Exhibition

Seven Las Vegas and Henderson-based artists took part in the second London Biennale in Nevada satellite event presenting performances inspired by the colors of the rainbow at the Pop Up Art House in Henderson on July 21, 2012.  This year’s participation in the London Biennale extends beyond the one-night-only performance event with a documentation exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center in Las Vegas from September 6th through September 29th.  The artists are: Noelle Garcia (red), Eri King (orange), Jevijoe Vitug (yellow), Matthew Couper (green), J K Russ with Mina Kahn (blue), Darren Johnson with Toshie Mcswain (indigo) and Brent Holmes with Yasmina Chavez (violet).

Rainbow: 7 Colors 7 Artists was coordinated by artist Jevijoe Vitug who instigated the inaugural London Biennale event in Las Vegas in August 2010 at the Contemporary Arts Center.  The London Biennale project was founded in 1998 by David Medalla, a Filipino conceptual artist based in London, who assigns the theme for each year’s biennale. The event aims to challenge and transform the notion of the art world ‘biennale’ as a large state or corporate-sponsored event with artists selected by curators based on their geographical location, citizenship, nationality, race and ethnicity by throwing open borders and encouraging a more intimate and community-based dialogue between the artists and audiences.  Over the years, the London Biennale has expanded with simultaneous satellite events taking place in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Berlin, New York, Boston and Las Vegas. 

Rainbow: 7 Colors 7 Artists was a performance-based project executed by visual artists from diverse backgrounds who have chosen Las Vegas and Henderson as their home.  Instead of artists representing a specific locality, the artists represented colors.  Most of the selected artists are painters by discipline, but the performance at the Pop Up Art House acted as an extension of their studio practice.

            “Each artist will respond to the color assigned to them but each performance is not exclusive to the concept of color.  The color is only a starting point to create a larger conversation that is yet to be heard and seen,” says Jevijoe Vitug.

The process of creating these performances was captured and is on display at the Contemporary Arts Center to further encourage interaction between the artists and the audience.

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