It’s What’s On The Outside That Counts by Matthew Schlagbaum

Matthew Schlagbaum’s use of gold, or more accurately the myriad of colors and materials labeled as such, explores the value judgments placed on culture, taste, emotional expression and modes of self-presentation. Paints, Christmas decorations, refrigerator magnets, gift-wrap, and party supplies are just a few of the materials utilized and transformed by Schlagbaum, creating works that revel in their surface materiality. The objects on display ask us to consider the act of dressing up as something other than what you are, and question the necessity of creating a distinction between surface and interiority.

Matthew Schlagbaum currently works out of Chicago, IL. He holds an MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as a BFA in Sculpture and Extended Media and a BA in Psychology from University of South Florida. He has exhibited throughout Chicago and across the United States, including at the Chicago Artist Coalition (Chicago, IL), The Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL), Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery (Reno, NV), The Brevard Art Museum (Melbourne, FL), and Beige (Memphis, TN).




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