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CAC reopens this week showcasing some of Las Vegas' more celebrated artists- CAC has moved into its new permanent home in Soho Lofts—returning to brick-and-mortar after more than a year and a half of nomadic exhibits and events—its first show is a nod to its younger self and tradition. Las Vegas Weekly by Kristin Peterson, Jan 2016 Read article

16 Things you'll do in Las Vegas in 2016 - Voted one of the 16 things to do in 2016. Las Vegas Weekly by Staff, Jan 2016 Read Article


Contemporary Arts Center with permanent home and new exhibit - The 27-year-old nonprofit has a new home and is launching a winter show designed to highlight diverse and prominent artists working in Las Vegas. The installation of Taste, officially opening in January, was sped up to coincide with a three-day symposium on the role of art in Las Vegas held by the internationally renowned Zabludowicz Collection. Las Vegas Weekly by Kristin Peterson, Dec 2015 Read Article

City Talk - The Las Vegas art throng gathered to hear Michael Govan, director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Dave Hickey, rascal art critic, talk land art at The Smith Center’s Cabaret Jazz venue Tuesday. Paint This Desert by Ed Fruentes, Apr 2015 Read article

26th Annual Juried Show - A view of the 26th annual Contemporary Arts center Juried Show at the ALIOS art gallery, 1217 S Main St., in Las Vegas Monday, April 13, 2015. Las Vegas Sun Photo Gallery View Images

Protecting 'City": 'Levitated Mass' more than screening in campaign for Heizer National Monument in Nevada - The story of the journey of “Levitated Mass,” which actually began in 1969 when Heizer conceived of it, is told in the documentary of the same name that will be screened at Barrick Museum’s auditorium. The screening is part of a campaign launched this year for national monument designation of Heizer’s “City” in Lincoln County. Las Vegas Weekly by Kristin Peterson, Feb 2015. Read Article


CAC’s Annual 25th Juried Show stimulating push to keep nonprofit alive – When the Contemporary Arts Center announced its 25th Annual Juried Show, the nonprofit group also announced something else: its demise. Las Vegas Review Journal by Carol Cling, Apr 2014. Read article

CAC Board Wakes up the Community, but where are the Guggenheims and the Rockefellers of Las Vegas? – When the 25-year-old Contemporary Arts Center announced Friday its plan to dissolve the organization, there was a palpable moment of silence from those hearing the news—a quiet farewell or a moment of stunned disbelief. Las Vegas Weekly by Kristen Peterson, Apr 2014. Read article

On the Nature of Things at CAC’s Eco Logic – Few things define our era like the environmental episodes ripping through the planet and into our collective psyche. Las Vegas Weekly by Kristen Peterson, Feb 2014. Read article

Contemporary Arts Center to launch art classes for children – The Contemporary Arts Center recently moved from its longtime location in The Arts Factory, 107 E. Charleston Blvd., to a space in Alios, a lighting company at 1217 S. Main St. Las Vegas Review-Journal by F. Andrew Taylor, Jan 2014. Read article

Notes from the CAC’s Public Art Panel – For all of its good intentions and mild or ultimate triumphs, public art (or the process of public art) is almost always a nightmare. Las Vegas Weekly by Kristen Peterson, Feb 2014. Read article

SPOTLIGHT: Las Vegas – Think “Las Vegas.” Take a deep breath. Now think again. Las Vegas has art. Not just good art. Great, heart-stopping, world-class art. Art Ltd by Dawn Michelle Baude, Jan 2014. Read article

Disappearing Act – At a moment when organic material is gaining, ahem, ground in contemporary art, Nathan Coté’s Cannibals, Survivalists and the Plus Ultra Habitat is on-trend. Las Vegas Weekly, Dawn-Michelle Baude, Jan 15, 2014. Read article


The Aesthetics of Las Vegas and Identity of Place at CAC’s New Show – Las Vegas is a visual city, famous for blasting image and text in an onslaught of stimuli. Las Vegas Weekly by Kristen Peterson, Nov 20, 2013. Read article

A Good Move – Though the Contemporary Arts Center seemed comfortably at home at the Arts Factory, where it was long a cornerstone of the Vegas arts hub, seeing Sampler: Las Vegas in the group’s new temporary space at 1217 S. Main St. affirms that the CAC needed to make this move. Las Vegas Weekly by Kristen Peterson, Nov 26, 2013. Read article

Surface Deep Riches With Matthew Schlagbaum – Gold chunks creep around the sides of the small entrance wall of the Contemporary Arts Center, coyly hinting at the looming gold nugget monstrosity waiting on the other side surrounded by a host of other golden manifestations by artist Matthew Schlagbaum. City Life by Jenessa Kenway, October 11, 2013. Read article

I am my own Cheerleader – Like a stringy purple bird, artist J. Casey Doyle sheds a glossy coat of ribbons, strand by strand, in a silent video on display at the Contemporary Art Center exhibit…  City Life by Jenessa Kenway,  September 19, 2013. Read article

Older and Overwhelmed- Right around age 34, amid the stress, bills and career anxieties, we also become acutely aware that our bodies aren’t what they used to be. City Life by Jenessa Kenway, August 07, 2013. Read article

CAC’s Latest Juried Exhibit Suggests the Direction of our Species – Artists, they say, carry the antennae of the species. Las Vegas Weekly by Dawn-Michelle Baude, May 22, 2013. Read article

After 25 Years, Contemporary Arts Center Gets New Directors and Newfound Maturity – Walking into Contemporary Arts Center in January, you would have seen something unforgettable: a 42-foot-long inflatable nude self-sculpture with Sharpie-scribbled body hair and eyeglasses. Las Vegas Seven by Jarret Keene, May 1, 2013. Read article

Inflatable Boy- Giving new meaning to the term “pole dancer,” Benjamin Entner’s giant inflatable self-portrait wraps itself around a load-bearing support beam inside the Contemporary Arts Center. In this exhibited artwork, Entner is nude save for tube socks. Las Vegas Seven by Jarret Keene. January 17th, 2013. Read article


UNDERWATER AND ‘KNITTING FOR TATTOOS’: AN AFTERNOON OF PERFORMANCE ART AT CAC’S ‘OFF THE STRIP’- When it comes to performance art, you never really know what to expect. Famously, it has included artists rolling around on raw fish and chicken, being nailed—Christ-like—to the back of a Volkswagen and mutilating themselves in front of an audience.  Las Vegas Weekly by Kristen Peterson, Sep 6, 2012. Read article

The CAC’s latest exhibit, ‘Garden of Forking Paths,’ thrills even as it bewilders – The disorienting neutrality of the CAC’s Garden of Forking Paths surprises as much as it bewilders. … Las Vegas Sun by Danielle Kelly, July 4, 2012. Read article

‘Noctilucent’ provokes thoughts of transformation at the Contemporary Arts Center – To some, a pile of white office paper is just a pile of white office paper. To others, it’ll soon be the next great American novel. By Mark Adams. Friday, May 4, 2012. Read article

A Slew of fresh faces makes the CAC’s Annual Juried Show a wildly varied experience – One of the pleasures of the Annual CAC Juried Show—as with any juried exhibition, really—is that you never know what to expect. Las Vegas Sun by Danielle Kelly, March 28, 2012. Read article


Architectural Striptease – By turning the CAC inside out, Affect/Effect reveals the hidden potential of the ordinary. Vegas Seven, by Cynthia Behr Warso, October 20th, 2011. Read article

In and Out of Whack’ wonderfully twists grand and restrained art styles at CAC – Kimberly Hennessy has a grand style that works surprisingly well with Deborah Karpman’s taut execution. See them together at the Contemporary Arts Center. Las Vegas Weekly by Danielle Kelly, Aug 3, 2011. Read article

The CAC’s ‘Annual Juried Show’ trims down a bit, but still delivers – The venerable Las Vegas CAC is well into its Annual Juried Show, and for an exhibition that’s been through 22 iterations, it continues to surprise. Las Vegas Weekly by Danielle Kelly, Jun 1, 2011. Read article

Twitter as art: Geolocations – We shoot texts into the ether every day, tweet meaningless gossip and confess transgressions in digital thought bubbles as we mill about the world… Las Vegas Sun by Kristen Petersen,  Jan. 6, 2011.  Read article

Contemporary Arts Center presents It’s All A Blur – The Contemporary Arts Center in partnership with SOMArts Cultural Center San Francisco. Las Vegas Weekly, March 2011  Read article

CAC’s ‘Blur’ will make you rub your eyes – The Contemporary Arts Center brings in some heavy hitters for its new multimedia exhibit, It’s all a Blur… Las Vegas Sun, March 2011 by Kristen Petersen.  Read article

The art of the Foreclosed Home: ‘America’s #1 Foreclosed City: Las Vegas’. – September 2010, By Ashley Powers, Los Angeles Times.  Read article

Brave new art world: Las Vegas’s art scene is facing its biggest growth spurt, Las Vegas CityLife.  Read article

Goings and comings: Emily Kennerk depicts Vegas’ foreclosure crisis, Las Vegas CityLife.  Read article

Emily Kennerk’s exhibit, America’s No. 1 Foreclosed City: Las Vegas. Las Vegas Sun August 2010.  Read article

Transforming environments: Two new exhibits detail change from different perspectives.  Read article

Positive reinforcement: Local art boosters make the case for scene support over dinner at Rosemary’s.  Read article

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