Past Exhibits and Events


  • Micheal Govan and Dave Hickey talk - May 2015

Special evening of conversation about art and Micheal Heizer's City.

  • 26th Annual Juried Show, with guest jurors Max Presneill and Rebekah Bogard - April -May 2015


  • Roll curated by Kristin Peterson - February 20, 2015

Exhibiting artists include Shannon Eakins, Justin Favela, Bekah Just, Alisha Kerlin, Jen Kleven, Jerry Misko, Krystal Ramirez, Lance Smith, Mikayla Whitmore, Thomas Wills, Todd VonBastiaans, and cakes by Abigail Goldman.


  • Screening The Space Between - November 14, 2014

Documentary Filmmakers Kimberly Nunez-North and Travis North new film The Space Between focuses on the effects of poverty on healthcare in Kenya and the increasing importance of palliative care. The Space Between profiles four guests at the Living Room hospice as well as Juli McGowan Boit, a nurse and HIV volunteer in rural Kenya who was inspired to partner with local leaders to found the Living Room hospice. 

  • Art21 Screenings - October - November 2014

Early screening of the critically acclaimed PBS Art21 series. Season 7 profiles twelve artists who reveal how art can inspire and transform lives and communities. Discussion led by local Artists following each screening.

Participating Artists: Alla Bartoshchuk, Babette Carpenter, Bart Vargas, Betty Shelton, Brendan Getz, Caitlin Karolczak, Carolin Peters, Christopher Kane Taylor, Cynthia Grilli, Dan Hooker, Dana Mano-Flank, Daniel Maidman, David Iacovazzi-Pau, Eric Vozzola, Gig Depio, Grizel S. Herhold, James Bousema, Jeremy Humbert, John Michael Byrd, Kathe Madrigal, Kathy Morton Stanion, Kim Frohsin, Kurt Dyrhaug, Lana Sokoloff, Lolita Develay, Margaret McCann, Maria Zapata, Richard Smukler, Rick Metzler, Robert Bickel, Serena Potter, Shang Ma, Solongo Tseekhuu, Steve Schwartz, Tom Wegrzynowski, and William J. Havlicek.

  • VOICE from the Clark County School District - March 6 - March 28, 2014

The mission of the CCSD Secondary Arts Annual Juried Competition is to encourage and engage young minds in the appreciation and understanding of art in public places. This process stimulates active learning about art and the creative journey through the presentation of art work, gallery representation, gallery etiquette, and competition with other high school students from throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

  • Eco Logic curated by Jevijoe Vitug - February 6 – March 1, 2014

Eco Logic is an exhibition featuring New York-based Filipino artists and Las Vegas local artists whose work deals with the current ecological shifts and global environmental concerns. Curated by Jevijoe Vitug, the exhibition will coincide with a silent auction to benefit the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines. Participating artists include: New York-based Filipino artists Samuel Penaso, Jeho Bitancor, Ged Merino, Jojo Austria, and Art Zamora, and Las Vegas artists Zak Ostrowski, Philip Denker, Troy Gillet, Kim Johnson Hagan, Allison Streater, and Mary Warner.

  • Cannibals, Survivalists and the Plus Ultra Habitat by Nathan Cote - January 2 – February 2, 2014

Cannibals, Survivalists and the Plus Ultra Habitat, by Nathan Cote, will present photographic and sculptural works dealing with notions of personified flora and simulated habitats. The habitats feign light efficiency and maturation over a focus on aesthetic realism and landscape. The plant life incorporated in the sculptural work investigates the ontogeny of life in an artificial environment. This unification of the synthetic and the organic seeks to delve deeper into the connection between nature and nurture.


  • SAMPLER: LAS VEGAS curated by Matthew Couper – November 14 – December 14, 2013

The title of the exhibition references the selection of artists whose work commonly features text and image in their practice, or that creates new visual syntaxes that both specifically and tangentially relate to the ubiquitous means of communication in signage, logos and advertisements seen in Las Vegas. Featured artists: Mikayla Whitmore (Las Vegas, NV / Macau), Robert Beckmann (Las Vegas, NV), Brian Zimmerman (St. Louis, MO), @Tony de Lautour (Christchurch, New Zealand), Darren Johnson (Las Vegas, NV), Georganne Deen (Joshua Tree, CA), Lauren Adkins (Los Angeles, CA), Mark Dutcher (Los Angeles, CA), Jw Caldwell (Las Vegas, NV), Jerry Misko (Las Vegas, NV), David Ryan (Las Vegas, NV), Leor Grady (NYC/Israel), JK Russ (Las Vegas, NV). Also included in the exhibition is a vintage cross-stitch sampler, on loan from the Clark County Museum, Henderson, NV.

Matthew Schlagbaum’s use of gold, or more accurately the myriad of colors and materials labeled as such, explores the value judgments placed on culture, taste, emotional expression and modes of self-presentation. Paints, Christmas decorations, refrigerator magnets, gift-wrap, and party supplies are just a few of the materials utilized and transformed by Schlagbaum, creating works that revel in their surface materiality.

The artists selected for this exhibition were chosen for their use of unconventional methods and materials. In the art world’s constant quest for “The New,” anything out of the ordinary quickly draws attention. These artists have found ways to translate their classical training into works created in ways not traditionally employed. Featuring artists Chris Bauder, Todd Duane Miller, Justin Favela, Brent Sommerhauser, Erin Stellmon.

J. Casey Doyle creates sociopolitical works that question our relationship to gender roles/stereotypes and sexuality. Utilizing a combination of video, performance, sculpture and craft, his exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center entitled I Am My Own Cheerleader explores acts of transformation – taking ownership, granting permission, overcoming resistance, and becoming one’s own advocate.

Blurring the lines between sculptor and performer, Sam Blanchard creates works that physically exaggerate scenarios of banality into obstacles of monumental proportion. His over-the-top scenarios unfold through highly mechanical constructions and video to reveal the soul of an introspective everyman.

  • Project Space: Spotlight: Selections from Off the Strip New Genres Festival 2012 - August 2  – August 31

Showcasing selected  video works from the 2012 festival program. The CAC will continue to develop Off the Strip as a bi-annual event, with new programming in 2014. Off the Strip showcases contemporary video and performance art addressing themes relevant to the environment of Las Vegas and Nevada. Since its inception in 2009, curated by the CAC, the festival has developed a reputation for showing progressive works that push the boundaries of traditional theater, performance and film.

  • Project Space: In-Between curated by Lisa Rock - July 4  – July 29

Featured artists: Samuel Carr-Prindle, Mel Davis, Maureen Halligan, Reid Hitt, James Lambert, Lisa Rock. This group of painters make work that falls somewhere between representation and abstraction. They push boundaries that make you question what you are looking at. These mysterious qualities can make the familiar unknown and the unfamiliar known.

With 24 years of programming the Annual Juried Show is our opportunity to expose international, national and local artists working in contemporary visual arts to a wide audience. With over $3,000 in award money allocated by our guest juror, this exhibition is a prominent showcase in the Southern Nevada region. 2013  Guest Juror Erin Cosgrove Selected Artists: Adam Schwieder, Alexander Solomon, Alisha Kerlin, Amber Hoy, Amelia Currier, Dan Hernandez, David Mazure, Eddie Bragard, Eri King, Eun Kwang Light Park, Heather Goodwind, Jenne Giles, Jennifer Drinkwater, Jeremy Underwood, Justin Cameron, Kate Shannon, Kurt Dyrhaug, Linda Alterwitz, Michael Herres, Michael Roy, Nathan Cote, Peter Walker and Zach Collins.

This historically important exercise in collaboration and technique is being organized as a benefit exhibition, with 100% of the proceeds to support the CAC and its future endeavors. It is simultaneously a celebration of the artists within the Las Vegas community, as well as homage to CAC’s existence as a collaborative organization that serves this community. Participating Artists: Erik Beehn, Diane Bush, Susanne Forestieri, Brent Sommerhauser, Shawn Hummel, Joseph Watson, RC Wonderly, Sean Russell, Todd VonBastiaans, Justin Favela, Mark Brandvik, JW Caldwell, JK Russ, Matt Couper, Alisha Kerlin, Brent Holmes, Brian Swanson, Nancy Good, David Ohlerking, Su Limbert.

Philadelphia artist Justyna Badach presents a reversal of stereotypical gender construct within her photographic series entitled Bachelor Portraits. Focusing on the lives of men who exist on the margins of society, Badach brings their individual stories together to form a larger chronicle about contemporary American society, isolation, and the desire for connection to others.

Las Vegas artist Michael Davies introduces his work:    ”My influences are largely fluid, always changing. Other artists work, faces, architecture, the natural world, theatrical influences, mood, or just something I want to see that no one else has produced, all give me ideas for future works. Being self taught has allowed me the freedom to explore new mediums and subjects without prejudice, preconception or fear. It may take a bit longer to teach myself a new medium, but the result has been fresh and individual. My latest works have been mostly in acrylic paint, colored pencil “paintings”, and sculpture in both constructionist and deconstructionist techniques.”

New York artist Benjamin Entner explores self-image utilizing multidisciplinary studio practices in his new exhibition, Ego Sum, opening at the Contemporary Arts Center in Las Vegas on January 11. Ego Sum brings together several of Entner’s most recent works, including sculptures and drawings. Using marker on nylon, Entner’s statuesque inflatable portraits evoke thoughts of the renaissance masters with a satirical twist. The poised figures tower over the viewer creating a sudden awareness of self. Entner aims to inspire a child-like nostalgia and wonder by engaging the viewer with playful objects and environments.

Using the form of advertisements, Joseph Woolfolk seeks to bring to light the hypocrisies of modern life and consumerism. Poster Power brings together Woolfolk’s most recent body of work incorporating bold text and images designed to infiltrate the viewer’s subconscious. While working on a previous stencil project, Woolfolk discovered his technique for painting on glass; the pureness of the color and line that resulted from his method created a new playground for his ideas to flourish.


Focusing on the comfort found in the familiarity of the American vernacular, Erik Beehn’s work addresses this through depiction of everyday environments that one may digest on a daily basis, but give little time to stop recognize.  Middle-class environments that are disappearing from our daily landscape are celebrated in his oeuvre.  With his latest project, Nothing Stays Here, Beehn celebrates and embraces the aspects of change within the ever evolving Las Vegas landscape.

San Francisco-based artist Mary Anne Kluth explores the nexus of landscape imagery and narrative in her new exhibition, Visitor Center, opening at the Contemporary Arts Center in Las Vegas on November 9th. Using descriptive narrative, Kluth creates snapshots of her father’s memories in a faux museum setting.

Pulling from the day-to-day imagery of the Las Vegas vernacular, Todd Duane Miller seeks out the misplaced and forgotten. Using photo transfer and mixed media methods his large-scale portraits take on a new life. Tips Appreciated is from the most recent series of Miller’s portraiture featuring street performers mainly found on Fremont Street. Miller, taking them from the spectacle of TheExperience, where they are most often over looked and seen as a plight on society, he places them on the pristine walls of the gallery forcing the viewer to be confronted in a more intimate setting; elevating the street performer to something more beautiful and necessary.

In our inaugural  Members Gallery exhibition, Flying Solo,  Nancy Good displays photograph from her most recent series of work. Traveling across the country Good has become a master of delving into the American landscape; making her viewer stop for a moment to take in the beauty of a photograph. Sharing the intimate moments of her solace journeys, she makes her viewer feel a part of something grander whether it be a vast Gorge or the tiniest morsel, you never quite feel alone.

Indiana artist Aaron Nemec explores the unique tactile qualities of audio and video in his new exhibition, Less Popular Music. Using performance, collaboration, and public participation, Nemec reduces and combines familiar elements, such as vinyl records, YouTube videos, and portable stereos, in order to extract and make accessible existing dialogues embedded within the source material.

House and the Contemporary Arts Center. Performance: July 21. Exhibition: September 6-29. Artists: Noelle Garcia (red), Eri King (orange), Jevijoe Vitug (yellow), Matthew Couper (green), J K Russ with Mina Kahn (blue), Darren Johnson (indigo) and Brent Holmes (violet).

the Contemporary Arts Center celebrates the diversity of Las Vegas experiences in the third Off the Strip: New Genres Festival. Established in 2009, the Off the Strip festival offers an alternative to the highly formulated entertainment and spectacle of the Strip. Off the Strip showcases contemporary performance and video art addressing themes relevant to the contemporary environment of Las Vegas and Nevada. Since its inception, the festival has developed a reputation for showing progressive works that push the boundaries of traditional theatre, performance and film. The varied program reflects the rich cultural diversity of Nevada.

Through two-dimensional and sculptural works, each artist explores the dialogue between space as it is imagined and space as it is experienced.

This site specific installation from the Michigan based artist was comprised of over 9,500 sheets of copy paper and staples; all were folded, shaped and assembled on site. Titled after a nocturnal cloud-like crystal phenomenon that happens in the upper atmosphere of earth, Noctilucent seems to be a very befitting description of Mark Rumsey’s work. Using common office supplies, Rumsey manipulates a space to create a new world within an existing dimension. With the help of volunteers his work transcends that of one person, but instead becomes a part of the community, allowing the people to come together and create something larger. “Transformation is inherent to the work: transforming a physical space- how we use it, how we perceive it; transforming a common material, in this case office paper, into something uncommon- re-presenting it, changing its function.”

Juror Mat Gleason is a Los Angeles based art critic and curator. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post’s Arts Section and publishes Coagula Art Journal, a pioneer hybrid of tabloid journalism and anti-academic art writing which he founded in 1992.  Selected artists: Richard Adams, Robyn Alatorre, Jennifer Beaty, Mike Busch, Leigh Craven, Will Cruz, Jessica Daniel, Sue Danielson, Clark Derbes, Arthur Fields, Dona Geib, Sarah Hanson, Chad Haskell, Carolyn Holden, Dan Hooker, Russel Jacobs, Donald Johnson, Brent Kallenbach, Joanna Lord, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Naoko Morisawa, Robert Nelson, John Norris, Mark Oatis, Jody Paulson, Ila Prouty, Michelle Ramin, Jeffrey Rhodes, Nohelia Rivas, Keri Schroeder, Adam Schwieder, Marlene Siu, Greg Stahl, Cathryn Sugg, Alessandra Suply, William Swaney, Haikuhie Tataryan, Daniel Victor, Jevijoe Vitug, Eric Vozzola, Jayson Warnock, Margi Weir, Vicky Wetherill, and Betsy Williamson.

  • Defeat the Future by Yo Fukui, Antonio Serna, Chad Stayrook, Naoko Wowsugi, Richard A. Wager February 1 – March 10, 2012

Curated and presented by UNLV MFA graduate Yo Fukui in partnership with the CAC, “Defeat the Future” brings together the work of five New York artists working across the genres of video installation, painting, sculptural installation, photography, and performance art. The distinctive impressions from these individual artists are unified through the theme of an impractical story – the artist in the role of the warrior trying to defeat an imaginary monster that we all have a tendency to create at times in our mind, the “Future”.


  • Garden of Eden by Andrzej Maciejewski – December 1, 2011 – January 21, 2012

Still-life photography in the style of the old masters, emphasizing the contrast between what the gifts of nature used to be and what they have now become through the manipulation of man. Everything looks perfect and flawless but many things, like the taste, the exceptionality, and often even the humanity, have been lost during the process.

  • Affect/Effect by Scott Carter – October 6th – November 19th, 2011

deconstructed the CAC gallery to display a relationship narrative of comfort and re-addressing basic construction design in contemporary architecture.

  • In And Out of Whack by Deborah Karpman & Kimberly Hennessy – June 30 – August 13, 2011

Two artists carefully walking lines separating extremes: protection and invasion, strength and weakness, chaos and order. Shown together, work from each artist pushes and pulls at the other in a precariously balanced drama.

  • Geolocations by Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman – January 6 – March 4, 2011

followed random tweets and traveled to the GPS Geotag location to take a photograph of the site of the update. The project created a real life situation and location for these usually anonymous posts.

  • 22nd Annual Juried Show - May 5 – June 18, 2011

sponsored by Cirque Du Soleil Cultural Action Department, showcasing exceptional work of national and international emerging artists in all media.

Curated by Justin Hoover, in partnership with SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco.  Incorporating video installations, drawings, sculpture, photography, and performance/video artworks about the migrant body in the West, economics of labor, and cross-cultural identity distinct to the Western states.


  • I Hope You Are Feeling Better – Nov 3, 2010 – Jan 7, 2011

Curated by Andreana Donahue and Kathryn Kruse

  • Off The Strip 2010 - October 14 – 17, 2010

Off-site locations: The Onyx Theater, The Aruba Theater, the Sci-Fi Center and Insurgo Theater. In spring of 2009, The Contemporary Arts Center of Las Vegas introduced Off the Strip: Two Weeks of Video and Performance Art.  The event featured the work of twenty emerging and mid-career artists and artist groups, seven evenings of live performance and video screenings and multiple, alternating installations at the gallery.  The first annual Off The Strip featured artists from Berlin to Boston, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and the open-ended call drew video and performance works that navigated gender and identity politics, institutional critique, relational aesthetics and explorations into technology, social networking and the body-psyche. The 2010 OTS Call for Proposals encourages submissions that will be particularly meaningful within the context of Las Vegas or Nevada.  This year’s Off the Strip will be condensed into a four-day festival and will include an afternoon panel of artists and three scholars speaking on the relevance of performance art to community, especially within the unique social, economic and pop-cultural environment of Las Vegas. Chaired by Art Critic and Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art, Kirsten Swenson.

  • Let’s Build A Nation (CAC the Nation) – September 28, 2010 – October 30, 2010

Building a Nation collective declares Contemporary Arts Center a sovereign nation from September 30th-Octobter 28th, 2010, establishing its national identity, national symbols and history.  Let’s Build A Nation explores the concept of a nation as a temporal imagined community corresponding to its immediate locale.  It also addresses issues specific to Las Vegas particularly its’ themed hotel environments simulating cultures of other nations.

  • “New Cities” – July 24-September 2, 2010. Curator: Kirsten Swenson.

Contemporary Arts Center presents a group exhibition, titled ‘New Cities’ that departs from Dan Graham’s famous 1966 essay, ‘Homes for America’. This exhibit brings together mid-career and emerging artists whose work seeks to visualize and conceptualize the new American home.

  • America’s # 1 Most Foreclosed City -August 3rd-September 18, 2010

Emily Kennerk’s installation casts a bright, critical light on the real estate collapse that has transformed our city

  • CAC Members’ Night at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art – July 28, 2010

Figuratively Speaking: A Survey of the Human Form

  • BEER FEST: CAC FUNDRAISER – July 10, 2010

Enjoy a wide selection of specialty beers from beverage sponsors Joseph James Brewing Company, Aces And Ales, Southern Wine and Spirits, Wirtz Beverage Nevada and Tenaya Creek Brewery and more.  Live music by Close to Modern, art, food, fun and plenty of ice cold beer!

  • CAC Members’ Night at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art – June 30, 2010

Figuratively Speaking: A Survey of the Human Form

  • CAC Invitation to Exhibition and Lecture at the Springs Preserve –  June 10, 2010

Join Springs Preserve Curator Mike Spiewak as he leads a tour of the current exhibit “Nevada: The Photography of Cliff Segerblom” in the Big Springs Gallery

  • Reign of Glass: June 3rd – July 24th, 2010

Erin Stellman, plans to address the complex attendant dichotomies of the MGM Mirage City Center which is the most expensive privately funded construction projects in U.S. history.  The goals are to foster a dialogue surrounding the American preoccupation of hope and to consider that hope within the context of the never-ending cycles of architecture in the las Vegas Valley.

  • CAC Members’ Night at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art – May 26, 2010

Figuratively Speaking: A Survey of the Human Form

  • Ultimately by Wes Fanelli and Nico Holmes-Gull– May 15 – June 30, 2010

East side projects installation, second installation honoring Pride 2010

  • “Body Rituals” – Apr 25 – May 12, 2010

CAC window exhibit by Jean-René Leblanc. The “Body Rituals” series is a personal exploration of the concept of new male subjectivity, the fluidity and discontinuity among sex – gender – identity, and the phantasmic processes of constructing the body. The strategic conflation of lace, a “male” body and the absence of any specific genitalia is an attempt to destabilize any visual reading of gender assumptions constructed on a strict historical binary framework supported by the medical gaze. The absence of the head acts to liberate the gaze from the dualistic world of desire. Such mobility of gender offers a possibility to the viewer to transgress prescriptive notions of desire.

  • “Downtown Contemporary”Art Dinner & CAC fundraiser – April 13, 2010

Features work representative of five downtown contemporary art galleries:  Contemporary Arts Center, Trifecta Gallery, Henri & Odette, Brett Wesley Gallery and The Fallout Gallery. The works will be on view in the West Wing Gallery of Rosemary’s Restaurant from April 11-June 19th.

  • 21st Annual Juried Exhibition: March 31st- May 22nd, 2010
  • CAC Members’ Night at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art: March 24, 2010

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art has generously extended a CAC members’* rate of $6 for admission to their current exhibition 12 +7: Artists and Architects of CityCenter.

  • CAC Members’ Event- Exhibition and Curator’s Talk at the Springs Preserve: March 3, 2010

Special members’ event, CAC members will receive complimentary admission to the current exhibition “Desert Chromaticity,” featuring a  Curator’s Talk at 7 p.m. followed by an artists’ panel discussion with David Baird, Chad Brown, Catherine Borg, Shawn Hummel and Stephen Hendee.

  • Tomorrow People: February 4- March 19, 2010

Leah Craig, Justin Favela, Catherine Cruse and Thomas Willis have banned together as four artists that will develop unique supernatural abilities to help mankind.  All incarnations of the exhibit concern the emergence of the next stage of human evolution known colloquially as, “Tomorrows People”.


  • BLVDS “GIVING” Cover Art Gallery Reception – December 17, 2009

Partnered with BLVDS magazine to help select their December issue cover art. In response to a call for work that addressed the theme “Giving”, numerous high-quality submissions were received from our artist members.  These submissions were reviewed by the exhibition committee who selected ten finalists and their winning submission.  BLVDS then juried those finalists and selected the cover artist to be published in this month’s “Giving” issue.

  • 20th Anniversary Exhibit YOUR FUTURE STARTS HERE – December 3, 2009 – January 28, 2010

Curator: Jim Stanford. This exhibition or retrospective will culminate those members that have been most influential throughout the 20-year history of the CAC.  Jim Stanford will represent past and present Board member’s artwork and narratives to offer historical significance.

Curator: Michael Costello | Coordinator: Mark Diederichsen. Artists:  Michael Costello, Mitchell Shields Marti, Jennifer Lynch, Willis F. Lee. The emphasis of the theme will be on experimental monotype “imprinting” rather than “printmaking”. “Imprinting” is more expansive, and opens the door to photographic work. Experimental monotype imprints.

  • Hot Hot Haute 2 – October 24, 2009

Wearable Art Runway Fashion Show and Auction/Gala.

  • Blanket: Oct 17 – November 26, 2009

Artists: Danielle Kelly and Noelle Stiles. Danielle Kelly and Noelle Stiles will offer a performance-based exhibition of sculpture and dance that will culminate an experience through the intersection of time space, physical potential and physical limits.

  • Last Chance – September 2009

Artist: Christoph Draeger.

  • Twenty Twenty – August 20 – September 24, 2009

Will feature the work of selected current UNLV MFA students. Conceptual practice, emerging artists, literature, reading, visual art.

  • Metasonic – August 7, 2009

Curator: Dave Sanchez, Artists: Dave Sanchez Burr, Richard Vosseller, Craig Colorusso. A visual and sound representation within the CAC gallery space as well as at a remote open air location in the desert, releasing the binding of sound to time and thus allowing us to experience the force of sound through the abstract.

  • Painting: Painting Physical Presence – July 30 – September 19  2009

Curator: Beate Kirmse. The painting of Eric Gecas and Ayako Ono, seen together, will demonstrate very different manifestations of ‘physical presence’, reflecting two very different approaches to physicality through painting.

  • Installation: Beneath the Neon – June 24 – July 24 2009

Curator:  Brian Alvarez. Installation, based on the book of the same title by Matthew O’Brien, exploring another side of Vegas few have ever seen.

  • Stop and Glow –  April 23 – May 23, 2009

Curator: Beate Kirmse Artists: Catherine Borg, Evan Dent, Stephen Hendee, Danielle Kelly, Eric Pawloski, Brian Porray, Sean Russell, Todd VonBastiaans. Partnering with the City and County of Las Vegas, this exhibition celebrates the launch of 8 new ACE transit train stations and the artwork used for the shelters.

  • Off the Strip: Two Weeks of Performance and Video Art in various locations – April 2 – April 16 2009


  • Untitled – October 1 – November 27 2008

Curator and Artist: Catherine Borg. Video Installation.

  • Lorca at CAC – October 30, 2008

Poetry Reading & Performance. Join Pablo Medina and Mark Statman as they read and discuss their translations. Listen to Flamenco music by RJ Fox and enjoy a media show featuring photographs of and drawings by the great poet.

  • Painting Physical Presence – July 31 – September 20

Artists: Erik Gecas | Ayako Ono, Curated by Beate Kirmse.

  • Metasonic – June 4 – July 30, 2008

Curator: Dave Sanchez, Artists: Dave Sanchez Burr, Richard Vosseller, Craig Colorusso. A visual and sound representation within the CAC gallery space as well as at a remote open air location in the desert, releasing the binding of sound to time and thus allowing us to experience the force of sound through the abstract.

  • Midway – May 1 – June 7, 2008

Performance, installation and paintings based on Coney island iconography. Artist: Aaron Sheppard.

  • Stop and Glow – April 23 – May 23, 2008

Curator: Beate Kirmse, Artists: Catherine Borg, Evan Dent, Stephen Hendee, Danielle Kelly, Eric Pawloski, Brian Porray, Sean Russell, Todd VonBastiaans. Partnering with the City and County of Las Vegas, this exhibition celebrates the launch of 8 new ACE transit train stations and the artwork used for the shelters.

  • Punchline – March 6-7, 2008
  • 19th Annual Juried Show – March 14th 2008 – April 26th 2008

Juror: Marjorie Vecchio.

  • Whipped UP – January 3 – January 26, 2008

Artists: Martin Parr & Diane Bush.

  • Extra.ordinary – January 3 – January 26, 2008

Artists: Zak Ostrowski, Grayson Ronk, Barret Thomson.


  • 3Dementia – December 6 – December 29, 2007

A group exhibition exploring the breadth and variety of thirteen young Las Vegas artists representing an intriguing outlook into the future of Las Vegas sculpture. Artists: Christopher Bauder, Justin Crabtree, Brandon Davey, Richard Hesketh, Scot Kolkman, Raj Medhekar, David Sanchez, Aaron Sheppard, Brent Sommerhauser, Erin Stellmon, Steve Vogel, RC Wonderly, Rocky Mountain, Yo (Fukui)

  • Words and Pictures – November 2007
  • Vintage Point – October 5, 2007

With the photo exhibit called “Vintage Point” four local artists — Darius Kuzmickas, James Stanford, Fred Sigman and Erin Stellmon — and three current News Bureau photographers — Darrin Bush, Brian Jones and Glenn Pinkerton — will put a contemporary spin on the Bureau’s classic images. A compilation of vintage and contemporary video footage will also be on view.

  • 2007 Art Quotient Scholastic Show – May 29 – June 23, 2007
  • West Coast Textures/ Evolving Possibilities – April 6 – May 12, 2007

Contemporary Encaustic Show.

  • 18th Annual Juried Show – February 27 – March 24, 2007
  • The Directors Cut – CAC Members Show of Small Works – January 23 – February 10, 2007
  • The Beauty Within – January 5 – January 23, 2007

Artists Henry Vargas and Dray document their trips to Sri Lanka.

  • Infrastructure & Other Capital Constellations – November 21, 2006 – January 5, 2007

A Mixed Media Installation by Cooper Holoweski & Benjamin Lipkin.


  • CAC Annual Art Auction Show & Fundraiser – October 28 – November 4, 2006
  • Unrealizable Dreams – September 19 – October 14, 2006

Photography Exhibition by Ivana Damien George & Deborah Bright.

  • CAC Members Juried Show – August 3 – September 2, 2006
  • Jackpot!! “Cup-a-licious” – June 8 – July 15 2006

A national show of alternative and fine art ceramics juried by Mark Burns. This year’s theme is the cup.

  • Miguel Rodriguez Ceramic Show: May 5 – June 2, 2006
  • Secret of the Giant Colossal: May 4 – June 3, 2006

Artists Stephen Hendee and Catherine Borg each create a site-specific installation for the CAC gallery.

  • CAC 17th Annual Juried Show and 3rd Salon de Refuse – March 21 – April 15 2006

A nationally recognized juror will award $1,000 best of show, and other cash prizes.

  • “Weird and Wondrous” – February 9 – March 4 2006

A national, juried show of experimental and new media art.


  • Observable Inhumanity: a result of Human Anesthesia – December 21 2005 – February 4  2006

Mixed media installation by Artists Iñaqui Muñoz ( Stgo-Chile), Micharl Tino (San Francisco), and Jorge Catoni (Las Vegas).

  • The CAC Annual Art Auction Exhibition – November 15 – December 3 2005

An annual fund-raiser and soiree for the Contemporary Arts Collective’s following exhibition season.

  • “DARK” – September 27 – November 5 2005

An interactive sound installation curated by David Curtis.

  • CAC Annual Members’ Juried Show – August 4 – September 3 2005

A themed juried show for members, with cash prizes.

  • Las Vegas History: An Interactive Art Experience – June 30 - July 28 2005

A Centennial co-sponsored exhibition from Left of Center Gallery.

  • Pause Show – June 1 – June 25, 2005

Sharyn O’Mara & Chandler Dayton

  • Snap! Vegas – May 4 – May 25, 2005

The Contemporary Arts Collective will feature several local photographers. Come down to see how their lens captures a unique perspective of Las Vegas.

  • 16th Annual Juried Show – March 19 – April 9, 2005
  • Human Inhumanity – February 11, 2005

Artists: KD Matheson, Jorge Catoni, Kate Jackson

  • Weird and Wondrous - February 9th – March 4, 2005

A national, juried show of experimental and new media art.

  • Cult of Potato – February 4 – March 5, 2005

Andrea Avery, Michiel Brink, Nina Ganci, Jeffry Allen Price, Rebecca Stees, Topp & Dubio

  • Figure – Pattern – Space – December 29, 2004 – January 29, 2005

Chad Brown, Danielle Kelly, Julie Madden


  • Day Without Art – December 6 – December 23, 2004

This is a day (traditionally December 1st) when art organizations all over the world pay their respect to the many artists of all disciplines, that have succumbed to AIDS, or are living with HIV. Even though our schedule could not use that particular date to pay our respects, we are partnering with AFAN, and a local group called “Project Up Front”, to bring an art exhibit that is created by local artists living with aids.

  • 2004 Art Auction – December 4, 2004

The Contemporary Arts Collective partners with Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and the Las Vegas Jazz Society for Annual Fine Art Auction to benefit non-profit art collective and gallery programming and exhibition season. The invitational exhibition of approximately 50 (small) works generously donated by well-known and emerging artists, will be on display at the CAC gallery from Nov. 12th through First Friday: December 3, 2004, with a live auction on the following night at Cordon Bleu Cafe.

  • Our Daily Bread – October 1 – November 6, 2004

Jack Endewelt, Marty Walsh, Plasmo, Victoria Reynolds.

  • CAC Fortune Fundraiser – September 20, 2004

Artists interpretations of cards from the Tarot deck hosted by Jazzed Restaurant & Vinoteca in NW Las Vegas & co-sponsored by the Las Vegas Weekly. The event featured dozens of artist who auctioned off their art in a CAC fundraising effort. In addition Tarot readers donated their services doing readings to garner additional funds for the CAC. This fund raising event was a tremendous success!

  • Connections Show – August 21-September 25, 2004

Daryl DePry, Susanne Forestieri, Sarah Pearson-Ochoa, Jerry Ross.

  • Wild Wild West Show – July 17- August 14, 2004

Scheduled every summer, the Contemporary Arts Collective supports its membership by showing members work in a themed, juried show.

  • Lost Vegas by Gregg Segal & FOUND by Ana Maria Rodriguez – June 4 – July 4, 2004

Color documentary photography depicting the landscape and habitants of East Fremont Street by L.A. photographer, Gregg Segal. Color documentary landscape photography taken in Las Vegas by Ana Maria Rodriguez.

  • Las Vegas Sign Design Exhibition – April 29 – May 29, 2004

This exhibit is being organized as an International Design Competition by Joshua Abbey, to be exhibited at the CAC, as a fundraiser. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is our sponsor. Winning designs will be displayed. $1,000 goes to the Best of Show

  • Body Of Work 04 – March 26 – April 24, 2004

Figurative paintings and drawings by Wendy Kveck, Julie Madden, and Jennifer McKeon

  • 15th Annual Juried Show – February 25 – March 20, 2004
  • Glow – January 16 – February 14, 2004

Curated by Eric Murphy, this exhibit brings together five artists from Japan, Canada, and the United States, who use luminosity in diverse visual practices. The artists are Kazuko Kizawa, Robbin Deyo, Eric Murphy, Mike Pelletier, and Ingrid Mary Percy

  • Manifesto of the Mundane – December 11, 2003 – January 11, 2004

Work by Keith Conley and Bill Morrison


  • CAC’s 5th Annual Art Auction: Paddle This! – November 18 – December 5, 2003

Invitational art auction exhibition, silent auction and live auction to benefit the CAC. The best fine art that Southern Nevada has to offer in an exciting and classy auction to benefit the CAC. Nate Tannenbaum hosts this must-be-there event!

  • Here & There: Exploring Regionalism – October 3 – November 9, 2003

11 artists who have worked independently and professionally from Louisville, KY exhibit paintings, prints and 3-D. Exhibit aims to explore the idea of Regionalism today thru discussion with the Louisville artists and their Las Vegas counterparts. CAC shares this exhibit with 2 other Galleries in the Arts Factory.

  • Bushwick Farms Present – September 5 – September 28, 2003

A suite of black and white silver prints from an on-going project based on a traveling Vaudeville Show, which this husband and wife team has created, using themselves as fictitious characters. All this is created from a 1968 travel trailer, which is towed across America. Popcorn and lemonade will be served.

  • Yum – July 18 – August 22, 2003

Members juried exhibition dealing with the theme of food.

  • Vegetable Eye by Tom Umholtz and Zen Mechanics by Mark Hutchings and Daniel Gron – June 6 – August 15, 2003
  • Jackpot Show! A Juried Teapot Exhibition – May 2 – May 30, 2003
  • 2003 Annual Juried Show – March 7 – April 19, 2003

Juror: Steven High

  • The Great Escape – January 3rd – February 15, 2003

Thomas Bleigh, Andrea Buckvold, Jason Lee, Jennifer Mahlman, and Chris Wildrick.


  • Cream 2001 – November 16 – December 14, 2001

A show featuring Bob Wysocki, Miguel Rodriguez, and Neil Linssen.

  • Whimsical Nightmare – October 12 – November 9, 2001

A show featuring Rebeckah J. Bogard, Magda S. Kearns, and Andy Wallace.

  • Nascar Revival - October 12 – November 9

A show featuring Denise A. King.

  • Tuscarora – June 6 – July 27, 2001

An exhibition of four artists that live in Tuscarora, Nevada, population 18. Artists: Ben Parks, Elaine Parks, Gail Rappa, Ron Arthaud.

  • Special Gallery Show – 2001

A show featuring Atsushi Machida, Alisa Ochoa & Jason Tomme.


  • ATM art auction – December 12
  • Paper Etcetera – October 27

Artists from Reno: Tom Gilbertson, Ingrid Evans, Nolan Preece, James Weaver.

  • La Crème Trois – September 8

Dawn Anderson, Terrain Hale, John Nyberg, Tom Umholz, Andy Wallace.

  • Llama in the Afternoon: Alternative Photography by UNLV students – August 11

Marno Ayers,Tawnya Dunning, Ashley Caren-Grant, Leah Lanine, Chuck Lintner, Mark Olson, Ligia Rios, Maudie Robinson.

  • Marriage can be Murder Dinner and Show – July 23

New officers: Pres: Ginger Bruner, VP: David Curtis

  • Pogo Stick – June 30, 2000

Gabriel Brandt, Melissa Brown, Matt Ducklo, Eric Hongisto, Victoria Sambunaris, Tony Shore, Dan Torop.

  • Combo Platter – May 5, 2000

Suzanne Burnel, Pennnelope Gottlieb, Sherra Giffen-Murphy, Lisa Mihm,Suzanne Bernal, Yvonne Heine.

  • 10th Annual Juried Show – March 17, 2000

Juror: Anita Jung, N.Y.C.

  • Transplant Politics of Destabilization – January 21, 2000

Tim Jag, Christian Spruell, Rachael Neubaurer, Leah Modigliani.

  • Snail Mail Benefit Show – January, 2000


  • Officers and Board: President: Kathleen Nathan, VP: Jim Stanford, Secretary: Phyllis Needham, Treasurer: Richard Pollina, Ginger Bruner, Diane Bush, Heidi Carter, David Curtis, Philip Poburka, Dawn Pomento, Paul Ruth, Kenneth Seward, Jeanne Voltura, Development Director Dan Boyle.
  • Dan Boyle (allegedly) proceeds to embezzle money from the CAC and The Enigma Café. Diane Bush tries to have him fired, to no avail, and leaves the CAC for 3 years. Jim Stanford resigns as Vice President.
  • A Kiss Goodbye – Suzanne Forestieri – ?
  • La Crème Deaux – December 10, 1999

Daryl DePry, Jeffrey Fulmer, Christopher F. Reitmaier. CAC Polaroid Gallery in the Common Area.

  • FOTO Frescos – Diane Bush – December 1
  • Disquietly Encased in Skin by Virocode curated by Andrea Mancuso and Peter D’Auria (video installation and exhibit) – November 19

Jordan Biren, Torsten Z. Burns, Peter D’Auria, Kari Gatsky, Anne McGuire, Andrea Mancuso, Darin Martin.

  • Future Homeless (LaserVida) – November 5

Joe Cartino, Christopher Ritenour, Mike Grainger, Charles Christians, Jake Noricks, Ed Bigelow, Catina Genchi, K.D. Matheson, J. W. Hogue.

  • Los Hemanos de Destruccion – Kelly McFadden. Main Street – Diane Bush – November 4, 1999
  • Bodner/Figler/ Hale – Jenna Bodner, RayAnn Figler, Terrian Hale. Ailene Ferriday: The missing photographer – September 20, 1999
  • Mooch – September 12

Diane Bush/Steven Baskin, Jeanne Voltura, Paul Rogers.

  • Paintings by Lela Zarret – July 1
  • CAC Satellite Shows – The Caviarteria – June 30
  • Hortt, Morgan, Stolz – Merrillee Hortt, Charles Morgan, Terry Stolz – June 11, 1999
  • Laidlow – June 11

Sherin Guirguis, Ben Rogers, Kay Ward; Gallery Director duties are shared by Jeanne Voltura and Dan Boyle.

  • Leftovers – April 16, 1999

Charlene Roth, Janet Neuwalder, Jessica Neuman-Skrentney.

  • Duality – March, 1999

Alysha Pitsicalis: Best of Show. Susanne Forestiri: Second Place. Magda Kearns: Third Place, Austine Wood-Comarow: Honorable Mention, Rayann Figler: Honorable Mention, Thomas A. Gerbracht:    Honorable Mention, Robin Stark, Richard B Weiss.

  • Annual Juried Show – February 28, 1999

Jurors: Dr. Anthony Bannon, Dr. George Eastman House

  • biDesign – January 8, 1999

Aaron Baker, Tim Bavington, Bill Davenport, Cadence Giersbach, Wayne Littlejohn, Josh Peters, David Quadrini, Almond Zigmund. Diane Bush resigns as Gallery Director to work as Cultural Supervisor for the County, but stays on as board member.

1996-1998ish (Research in Progress)

  • Annual Juried Show – February 5 – March 27

Juror:  Shana Nys Dambrot: art critic, writer and author located in Venice, CA.

  • Tones Gallery Show – September 7 to October 6

A show featuring black, grey & white art from CAC members.

  • Personal, Public, Private Show – April 19 – May 18

Amanda Farrar, Jerry Russo, Priscilla Troy: Installation, Feud Roadwork, Nascar Revival.


  • December: CAC is evicted from Maryland Parkway location and goes into storage
  • Chair.i.tea chair auction (at California Hotel and Casino) – November 12

Minnie Dobbins, Nancy Deaner, Diana Reid England / Terry Dichota, Stewart Freshwater, Kathy Garlock, Tom Gilbertson, Tom Holder, Merilee Hortt, Mary Cady Johnson, Charles Morgan, Joy Prendergast, Gerald G. Purdy, Victoria Reynolds, Cory Roth, Jennifer Safko, Tamara Sconce, Lee Sido, Fred Sigman, Nancy Sloan, Lisa Stamanis, James Stanford, Eric Strain, Deborah Szczudlo/ Barth White, Joanne Vuillemot, Jeffrey Vallance, Linda Whitehair, Larry Williamson.

  • States of Elvis – October 20

Curated by Jeanne Voltura. Ethan Acres, Dawn Anderson, Catherine Angel, Dennis Angel, Philip Argent, Anthony Ashworth, Laura Beeler, Treschya Bowe, John Boyd, Jane Callister, Thomas Chrstison, Chuck and George, Carmon Colangel, Bruce Crownover, Fran Cutrell-Rutkovsky, Richard Daehnert, Bailey Doogan, Tim Dooley, William Fick, Heidi Lynn-Ganshaw, Susan Goldman, Jane Gregorius, Kevin Haas, Fred Hagstrom, Bethany Hallam, Kevin Haran, Chie Harashima, Susan Harrison, Brad Hochstetler, Merrilee Hortt, Neil Irwin, Anita Jung, Areil Vik Klimish, C.Terry Klouda, Bob Lazuka, Pam Longobardi, Beauvais Lyons, Joni Mabe, Keny Marshall, Dan Mayer, Jack Mccaslon, Jacque McLaughlin, Susan Metros, Charles Morgan, Robert Mueller, John Newman, Cynthia Osborne, Deidre Pope, David Ribar, Tom Reiling, John Risseeuw, Andrea Robertson, Andrew Rubin, Elizabeth Stuck, Monica Thomeczek, Rachel Turner, Carmela Venti, Jeanne Voltura, Mary Warner, Shelly Williams, David Wilson, Tim Winkler, Dane York.

  • Abecedary! – July 14

Curated by Lenadams Doris. Artists: Dawn Anderson, Philip Argent, Montana Black, Treschya Bowe, Suza Brna, Ginger Bruner, Jane Callister, Jason Coleman, Mitch Crawford, James Doose, Susanne Forestiri, Terri Hale, Suzanne Katzanek, Victor Kirschbaum, C. Terry Klouda, Mark Lohman, KD Matheson, Charles Morgan, Ann Davis Mulford, Kathleen Nathan, Helene Pobst, Joy Prendergast, Jacqueline Purcell, Chris Reynolds, Jennifer Safko, Lisa Stamanis, James Stanford, Lynn Stanford, Thomas Stone, Magda Szeitz, Sarah Vinci, Mary Warner, Deborah Weiner.

  • Liberace!, The Man, the Myth – May 26

Curator: Jeffrey Vallance.

  • The Art of the Deal

Curator: Joy Prendergast. Catherins and Dennis Angel, Philip Argent, Sue Brna, Jane Callister, Bruce Czopek, Susanne Forestieri, Jean Giguet, Tom Gilbertson, Tom Holder, Merrilee Hortt, Karen Kreyeski, Joan Lemere, Erik Lauritzen, Charles Morga, Kathleen Nathan, James Ono, Sue Pierce, Joy Prendergast, Nolan Preece, Ed Shepard, Kathy Saxe, Tom Turman, Mary Warner, Mark Masuoka.

  • 4th Annual Juried Show: A Celebration of Women’s History Month

Juror: Connie Samaras, UC, Irvine. Sponsored by The Robert M MacNamara Scholarship Foundation. Funded by Barrett & Associates, The Tiberti Company, Duncan Framing, Frames by Farrow, and the Nevada State Council on the Arts. Panel discussion: Dr. Olivia Lumpkin and Connie Samaras. Artists: Kyle Blevins, Heather Brandes, Susan Brna, Jane Callister, Teresa Culhane, Kevin Cusick, Stewart Freshwater, Carolina Hirsch, Carrie McCutcheon, Andrea Metz, Anne Mulford, Robert Nelson, Donna R. Pattee, Kathryn Pellman, Victoria Reynolds, Jacqueline Purcell, Jennifer Safko, Tamara Scronce, Michael Wardle, Mary Warner, Deborah Weiner.

  • Aspiring Sycophants – February 21
  • Thinking Problem – January 21


  • Small Works Holiday Show – October 22, 1994-January 6, 1995

Curated by Dave Hickey.

  • Summer Vacation (what I did on my…) – September 9, 1994

Georgia Ames, Dawn Anderson, Mark Andrews, Ginger Bruner, Rosalind Diamond, K.C. Erret, Erik Lauritzen, Patricia McCullon, Charles Morgan, Kathleen Nathan, Richard Pollina, Jacqueline Purcell, Fred Sigman, Sarah Vinci. Dec. 9 Gorgeous Politics curated by David Hickey. Lisa Anne Auerbach, Carl Bronson, Dennis Olanzo Callwood, Annetta Kapon, Joan Mahoney and Cathy Silverman, Laura Owens, Art Auction Sue Brna, Ann Fratianno, Karina Ashworth, Janellen Radoff, Roger P. Thomas, Diane Butner , Lonnie Joslin, Joy Prendergast, Charles Morgan, Minnie Dobbins, J. Windom-KimKutzanek, Joanne Vuillemsey, Dike Blair, Merrilee Hort, Mark Burns, Suzanne ot, Mark Masuoka, Philip Argent, John Stockman, Mary Warner, Thomas Holder, Kathleen Nathan, Jennifer Safko, Sara Vinci, Jane Callistar, Eric Strain.

  • Chair.ity – August 28, 1994
  • Doors of Perception – July 16 – September 2, 1994

Artists and Architects Collaborate. Windom Kinsey/Anthony Bondi, Eric Strain/Denise Shapiro/ Lisa Stamainis, Steve Carr/ Nancy Deaner/ Mary Warner, John Welsh/ John Stockman, Mike Crowe/ Skip Wagner, Diane Butner/ Kathleen Nathan, KC Errett / Eric Christensen, Rick Sellers / Don Mize/ Steve Carpenter, Wade Simpson/ Sarah Vinci/ Ginger Bruner, Alby Colotto/ Charles Morgan/ Fred Sigman.

  • “Not” A Home Show – May 27 – July 2, 1994

An exhibition of objects/images/furniture, curated by Lee T. Sido.

  • Apocalyptic Teapot – April 15 – May 21, 1994

Curated by Mark Burns.

  • Panel Discussion – March 11, 1994

Dr. Olivia Lumpkin, Cathie Kelly and Christine Robbins.

  • 3rd Annual Las Vegas Juried Art Competiton – March 9 – April 1, 1994

In Celebration of Women’s History Month. Juried by Christine Robbins and Susan Miller, from New Langdon Arts in San Francisco, CA.  Sponsored by The Robert M MacNamara Scholarship Foundation.  Funded by Barrett & Associates, The Tiberti Company, Frames by Farrow, J. Darrell Parker Innerplan, Martin J. Safko MD, Pro-Process and Pro Display, and the Nevada State Council on the Arts.  Artists: Catherine Angel, Brad Blakely, Susan Brna, Ginger Bruner, Jane Callister, Minnie Dobbins, Kristen L. Durling, Terrian Hale, Vija Hamilton, Carolina M. Hirsch, R.M. Joslin, Terry C. Klouda, Don Lewis, Patricia McCollum, Charles Morgan, Anne Davis Mulford, Jackie Nourigat, Joy Prendergast, Pasha Rafat, Jennifer Safko, Paul Sargent, Nancy Sloan, Lisa E. Stamanis, Deborah Weiner, plus the Women’s History Mural.

  • Showgirl – January 21 – March 4, 1994

Ethan Acres Jose Bellevere Treschya Bowe Sue Brna Mark Brandvik Jane Callister Renie Conley Susanne Forestieri Bill Hargate Charles LeMarie Larry Lee Marr E. Lynn KD Matheson Bob Mackie Pete Menefee Zan Miller Charles Morgan Kathleen Nathan Grant Philipo James Pink Joy Prendergast Lianne Redpath Kathe Saxe Laurie Thompson Jose Vinas Jeanne Voltura.


  • Contemporary Portraits of the Southwest – December 10, 1993 – January 14, 1994

Susanne Forestieri.

  • 49 Cent Breakfast – Dick Blair – December 5, 1993
  • Loose Slots – October 15, 1993

Artists: Pam Adler, Andrea Bowers, Ben Chase, Steven Criqui, Jacci Den Hartog, Sam Durant, James Feldman, Chris Finley, Antonio Gonella, Doug Hammet, Laura Howe, Keith Pirlot, Carter Potter, Sarah Seager, John Souza, Thaddeus Strode.

  • SEXY: Sensual Abstraction in California Art from 1960’s – 90’s – April 7, 1993

Curated by Hilary Baker and Julia Couzens.  Artists: John Altoon, Hilary Baker, Jo Ann Callis, Julia Couzens, Phyllis Green, Craig Kaufman, Joan Moment, Harold Paris, Jeanne Patterson, Ross Rudel, Leonard Seagal, Linda Stark, Coleen Sterritt, Mary Warner.

  • Angels – June 29, 1993
  • Have a Seat – Chair.i.ty at Neiman Markus – April 7, 1993

Artists: Erica Berent, Christian Briepierre, Diane Butner, Mark Burns, Minnie Dobbins, Nancy Deaner, Lori Fratianno, Thomas Holder, John LaBounty, Frank Madden, Ed Martinez, Kathleen Nathan, James Pink, Jane Radoff, Pasha Rafat, Jennifer Safko, Lee Sido, Nancy Sloan, Lisa E. Stamanis, Joyce Straus, Roger Thomas,  Sarah G. Vinci, Joanne Vuillemot, Mary Warner.

  • Women, Art and History – March 28, 1993
  • 2nd Annual Juried Show – March 26 – April 30, 1993

Juror: Eleanor Antin:  filmmaker, educator from the University of California, San Diego.

  • Why the Y Chromosome?”, talk and slide presentation by Fred Sigman – January 22, 1993
  • CAC opens on Maryland Parkway as the Temporary Contemporary Gallery.


  • Women of the Americas: The Visual Exhibition – August, 1992

First place award to Jeanne Voltura: $1000 from the Robert M. MacNamara Foundation.

  • Women of the Americas: The Visual Exhibition – August, 1992

First place award to Jeanne Voltura: $1000 from the Robert M. MacNamara Foundation.


  • Women’s Invitational Exhibit at Barrett’s Allied Arts Gallery, on Maryland Parkway

Artists:  Kathleen Nathan ,Susan Bryan, Dana Veitman and Dawn Veitman, Marian Black, Mary Warner, Lisa Stamanis, Jeanne Voltura, Mary Ann Bonjorni, Merrilee Hortt, Rula Cavabis, Georgia Hall, June White, Joanne Gilkey, Nancy Deaner, Jennifer Safko, Debra Bellver, Andrea Robertson, Elaine Coleman.


  • Members Exhibit at Clark County Library

Artists: Lynn Adanson, Angie Adlerz, Rosalyn Avery, Iris Bernikow, Marian Black, Linda Braund, Sharon Bryan, Mari Kay Gibb, Jo Ann Gilkey, Mark Gordon, Bill James, Paul Kasper, C. Terry Klouda, Joan Massagli, Charles Morgan, Suhaila Mustasa, Ann McFarland, Phyllis Needham, Akira Requa, El Requa, Jennifer Safko, Harry Singer, Peter Stoddard, Judy Valine, Jeanne Voltura.

  • The Contemporary Arts Collective original group forms