CONVERSATION @ CAC: Collecting Today

As a continuation of our discussion on the “State of the Arts,” we speak with prominent Las Vegas gallerists and collectors to learn more about how we, as a community, can support the arts in Las Vegas and hear first-hand about what it takes to build a collection, educate the uninitiated, and cultivate a growing audience of patrons.



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

At the table:

Patrick Duffy, Collector

Dr. Frank Schneider, Collector

Matthew Couper, Artist (Moderator)

Todd VonBastiaans, Collector

Marty Walsh, Gallery Owner. Trifecta

Brett Wesley Sperry, Gallery Owner, Brett Wesley Gallery

We encourage an open dialogue from all in attendance and remind everyone that this is not meant to be your everyday panel discussion. Come listen, respond, discuss, and get your thoughts heard.

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