Bachelor Portraits featuring Justyna Badach

Philadelphia artist Justyna Badach presents a reversal of stereotypical gender construct within her photographic series entitled Bachelor Portraits. Focusing on the lives of men who exist on the margins of society, Badach brings their individual stories together to form a larger chronicle about contemporary American society, isolation, and the desire for connection to others.


Bachelor Portraits is an exhibition comprised of portraits from all regions of the United States and text pieces revealing what the camera cannot. The photographs present men and their desire to share the intimacy of their home with the world. Badach focuses on each man’s story and home, or  the safe places where they withdraw from the world to think, meditate, and exist; presenting highly personal, emotionally intense, and at times unsettling results. George (2008) is a piece within the series that explores the personal space of the subject, George. The image consists of a solitary middle-aged man, featured at a bar. With text accompanying the photograph, Badach further explains that George chose this peculiar space across the street from his apartment because it is where he feels most at home. The exhibition, consisting of a full range of stories and environments, creates direct points of contact between the artist and the man.

Justyna Badach was born in Leningrad and lived in Warsaw before immigrating to the United States. She holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her work has been nationally and internationally exhibited in highly acclaimed institutions including, NY Photography Festival (New York, NY), the Griffin Museum (Winchester, MA), Photo Center North West (Seattle, WA), The Australian Center for Photography (Sydney, Australia), and Art Wonderland Space (Copenhagen, Denmark). She has been awarded grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Leeway Foundation, Griffin Museum, and The Independence Foundation.




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